Prato Bakery

The great taste of Tuscany


Prato Bakery you can enjoy delicious pizza slices as well as the bread and focaccia. All our goods are baked daily, several times a day, and cooked in the oven of the store. You can smell it when you walk in!


The pizza is the recipe that distinguishes Italy from the rest of the world and is probably the most famous Italian product.

Our pizza is made with a crumbly dough enriched with a tasty tomato sauce seasoned with oregano. The mozzarella is melted and tasty.

The pizza that we offer is crispy, lightly browned, with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil produced in the hills of Chianti. After tasting it you cannot live without it.


The bread that is served by Prato Bakery is among the most classic Tuscan tradition.

The so-called unsalted bread, unique in its kind, is the ideal combination with savory meats and cheeses of the Tuscan region.

The production of this bread is one of the most classic and genuine, the reason is the reduced list of ingredients: flour, yeast and water.

Three simple elements to create one of the most renowned pleasures of Tuscan cuisine.

Ciabatta and multigrain bread also available


The flagship of Tuscan cuisine is the crunchy and tasty Tuscan focaccia also known as "schiacciata", perfect accompaniment to meats and cheeses.

As with all the specialties of Prato Bakery, the tradition and the search for the best raw materials are the basis for the preparation of a product with a unique taste. The ingredients prove it: water, salt, olive oil, flour and yeast. No fat or butter. You can have it plain or with other ingredient as a sandwich.

Focaccia sandwich

For a complete meal, full of flavor and absolutely genuine, Prato Bakery offers its filled focaccia, always fresh and prepared with care with highly selected ingredients of the highest quality. You can choose one of these or ask your choice.



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